Работы Рюккерта, проданные на аукционе Jackson
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Exceptional European & American Fine Art
Including Important Russian Works
July 15th-16th, 2008
Lot 302

A FABERGE SILVER GILT AND SHADED ENAMEL FIGURAL KOVSH, Workmaster Feodor Ruckert, Moscow, 1899-1908. The body in the form of a stylized bird and overall decorated in shaded enamel of florals and scrolling foliage. Hallmarked Moscow, 1899-1908, Cyrillic workmasters initials for Feodor Ruckert, 84 standard and K FABERGE in Cyrillic beneatht the Imperial Warrant (see illustration).

Length 3.75 inches (9.5 cm).

Estimate $15,000-$25,000