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Russian Silver & Shaded Enamel Salt & Spoon: Ruckert
Pre 1900: item # 744179

Russian silver and cloisonne enamel decorated salt and matching spoon by Feodor Ruckert, made in Moscow between 1896-1907. The exterior of the body is decorated in exquisitely detailed floral patterns against alternating grounds of burnt red and royal blue, separated by vertical rows of turquoise pellets; it rests on three ball feet. The exterior of the bowl of the spoon is decorated en suite against a royal blue ground. Each piece is clearly marked, the salt executed in 88 standard silver and the spoon in 84 standard. In mint condition, the salt measures 1 5/8" (4.15 cm) across and the spoon, just over 2" (5.1 cm) in length; together they weigh 1.1 oz (31.3 grams). Delightful.