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The Brunnier Collection
The enamel collection is highlighted by a number of turn-of-the-century Russian filigree enamels designed in the Pan-Slavic tradition. The Brunnier Collection of Russian enamels includes examples of plique-a-jour (email de plique), filigree enamel, and lacquer. Of cultural as well as artistic interest is an enamel kovsh (koosh) produced by Fedor Ruckert, a workmaster for the Carl Faberge firm. The collection also includes an elegant cup and saucer designed by Maria Semenova, as well as pieces by Pavel Ovchinnikov and Gustav Klingert, whose large firms produced exquisite and colorful treasures for the Russian aristocracy.
This is a Russian kovsh, circa 1896-1908, by Fedor Ruckert. It is made of silver gilt, filigree shaded and painted enamel, granulation, and inset cabochon stones. A kovsh (pronounced "koosh") is a vessel, originally used for dipping, later used as a ceremonial drinking cup or as a presentation gift.